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Belated Fourth

I've been off the air for a week now, because of an iPhone/MacBook problem that I somehow fixed yesterday, but I don't know how I did it. I'm not one to question fate, however, so I'm back in the saddle.

These pictures are from the fireworks show following the Knights Baseball Game on Tuesday, the Fourth of July. The stadium, which is three blocks from my condo, is said to be home to the best fireworks show in the Southeast, and I have no doubt believing that is true. The Knights didn't win that night, but other than that it was a perfect Fourth. We sang the five service songs--Anchors Away, the Marine Hymn and even the hymn to the Coast Guard. We waved flags; we wore red, white and blue; we drank beer and ate hotdogs; I got mustard on my new white pants and we honored our veterans. It was glorious (except for the mustard).

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