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Do You Believe in Miracles

My 23-year old granddaughter, who is an ICU nurse in Charleston, was in an accident last week and walked away. She was bruised and beat up, but no cuts; no broken bones. When you look at what was left of her vehicle, you have to believe in miracles--even if you've never believed in them before.

The vehicle, or what's left of it, is a Jeep Renegade, a huge four-door monster that is so far off the ground, I always needed help getting in. My granddaughter doesn't remember the accident, but there were eye-witnesses who said that she was t-boned near the real wheel of the passenger side. The hit was so hard that the Jeep went airborne and rolled over twice before landing in a ditch. You can see the ditch in the photograph.

The roof flew off in one piece and ended up 100-yards away. Her golf clubs and everything else in the car were mangled, and yet, she walked away.

I hesitated to add this to my blog thinking that it might not be appropriate, but I just kept thinking that if it makes one person think about paying more attention to what they are doing while they are driving, then it will be well worth it. The person who hit her ran a red light and was also uninjured. A prayer might be in order right about now, a pray for my granddaughter and a prayer for those you love.

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