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Doing the "Tiger Rag"

Guess who I got to dance with just before the Clemson-UNC game last Saturday? Obviously it was the Clemson mascot. I was so surprised that he picked me out of the crowd, I though he was pointing to the person standing behind me. The dance only lasted a few seconds, but when it was over I waved to the cheering crowd like a royal.

I am a huge Clemson fan, but I'm also a huge fan of Drake Maye--he's the redshirt freshman quarterback at UNC. He's from Charlotte, and I've been watching him play ball since he was a fifteen-year old sophomore in high school. I grew up in West Texas, the home of Friday Night Lights, so I love high school football. He is one of those quarterbacks who only comes along every ten years.

So, I was hoping that Clemson would win the game, but that Drake would have a great game. Those goals are not compatible, I knew that going in. So I'll just tell you that Clemson had their best game of the year. Drake didn't. He's only a freshman, though. Someday I think he'll win the Heisman Trophy. I wish he had gone to Clemson.

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