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Fabuloso Flan

I love flan, but I don't know how to make it and I have yet, to find a recipe that makes the slightest sense. All I know is that it has condensed milk and a ton of eggs, and it has to be cooked in a water bath. That's it (and even that's probably wrong).

But I do know who makes the best flan in the entire world--my dearest friend, Angelica Torres. Angelica lives in Columbia, SC, and in in addition to being a genius at making flan, she raises her own chickens, smallish hens that make small eggs with deep golden yolks. They're just like the kind of eggs that Martha Stewart produces on her perfectly-perfect farm.

The eggs give the flan a gorgeous golden color that I've never seen in any other flan. This year is the first year that Angelica has taken orders for her flan, and although she lives in Columbia, the flan is well worth the trip. Maybe you should think about it for next Christmas.

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