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I Hope Santa Likes My Tree

I live in a condo, and I love everything about it, except the lack of storage. So this year I finally got tired of trying to hide my seven-foot artificial tree. To make sure I wouldn't change my mind, I left it at the loading dock, where all discarded things in the building go to die. I went back to check on it about thirty-minutes later and it was gone. I felt like a recycling goddess.

And then I ordered a seven-foot wire Christmas tree that has 750 tiny little white lights on it. it came in a six-inch by six-inch-by three-foot box that is small enough to store under my bed. A Christmas tree that fits under your bed. How great is that!

It took enormous discipline to decorate the tree solely with glass and gold ornaments that I already had. I just finished it and I really like it, although I think it has a tinge of Neiman-Marcus Store Window look about it. At least it reminds me of Neiman-Marcus and not the dollar store.

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