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Jurassic Park

I saw a gigantic spider web like this one yesterday . It was anchored to the floor of my second-floor terrace and to my neighbor's terrace that is about twenty-feet away. The circular part of the web was pure white and it had zigzag lines on the outer edges. According to Wikipedia, the web's centers are often hollow.

The web was beautiful but I couldn't stop wondering how the spider got from my terrace to my neighbor's. Did he swing over there? I don't know.

I think the web was made by a species of spiders called Argiope. "Black and White and Yellow Writer" varieties are common in the Carolinas.They aren't venomous to people and considered to be garden spiders. They can be huge, though, at least the ones in South Carolina are, of course, once you live in South Carolina a while, you realize that all insects in the state are huge.

I once called my son about a gigantic grasshopper that I found on my back porch. It was at least six-inches long and I'm not exaggerating. My son didn't flinch. "What do you expect, Mom. You live in Jurassic Park.

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