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My Mother Goose Shoes

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

These are the shoes I wear when I give tours. They are authentic to Colonial times, but the same shoe continued to be worn for the next hundred year. Scarlet O'Hara wore the same shoe in GONE WITH THE WIND.

My shoes were made in Portugal for an English firm called the Darcy Company, a website that specializes in high-end historic-inspired shoes. My shoes are Size 37 (Size 6-12) I think. They are made out of the softest leather. They are leather-lined inside, as well, and they smell like a saddle. I love them.

When the bill came, I realized that instead of costing $140 USD, the shoes cost £140 GBP. I can't remember what the difference was, but it was about $20.

During Colonial times, the shoes were worn with thin ribbons (1/2-inch). Ribbons were expensive back then, maybe that's why they used thin ones. As time progressed, the shoes stayed the same, but the ribbons got wider. I have a two-inch ribbon in mine, which is pretty much what they wore @ 1810-1860.

Although they look like a cross between tap shoes and Mother Goose Shoes, they are the most comfortable shoes that I own, so I occasionally wear then to regular events with long black pants. I've never been asked about them, but if I am ever asked, I'll tell them that the shoes come with an awesome story. The one irritating thing about them is that they come untied, constantly, so I've resorted to double knotting them like I did with my kids' shoes.

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