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One of My Favorite Things

I love living in uptown Charlotte because there are so many things to do: Good restaurants, wonderful theater, the Hornets games, my church and the Panther games are all within walking distance. But my favorite thing to do is to go to the Knights Games. The Knights organization is a member of the AA Southern Baseball League--they're a feeder team to major league baseball, and it is the most fun you can have.

As you can see, the skyline is beautiful and so is the stadium. You can't see my building in this picture, but you almost can.

In addition to terrific baseball, the stadium hosts all kind of other events, include an ice skating rink that will be open any day. The stadium is said to be the scene of the biggest fireworks show in the Southeast. It is spectacular.

Another favorite is the annual performance of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. In the photograph above, the Knight's mascot HOMER, is conducting the evening's finale. For many years I was a member of a symphony orchestra, and I know real conducting when I see it. Homer is the real deal.

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