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Sophie and the Rising Sun

Last night I watched a film called: Sophie and the Rising Sun. Is't a small-budget 2016 film about a young white Southern woman who falls in love with a Japanese gardener at the outbreak of World War II in 1941. It is set in South Carolina in a fishing village called Salty Creek.

During the credits, however, I knew it wasn't filmed in Salty Creek; it was filmed in McClellanville. I was right, I looked it up. I told you about McClellanville several weeks ago, and encouraged you to visit the village if you are ever passing by.

Now you can just watch the film. The movie was set in 1941, but McClellanville is so unchanged that it lends itself to any age. Time is at a standstill in McClellanville; McClellanville is timeless, if you overlook a new car here and there. and the sign in the local seafood restaurant that reads: WE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL SHRIMPERS.

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