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That Girl

If you’ve read my book: SARAH’S SECRET, you should recognize this girl. You’ve seen her before, although she’s three years older now, and when you’re a teenager, three years is an eternity. Give up?

This is my granddaughter, Lily, in her beautiful pink prom dress. She is seventeen now, but in the photograph of her that eventually prompted the cover of my book, she was only fourteen, the same age as Sarah Vaux was at the beginning of the book.

But what surprised me is that Lily is unintentionally posed almost exactly like the portrait of my fictitious Sarah.

Even their dresses are similar--and this was entirely unplanned. I didn't used to believe in fate or signs, but I started believing in them after my husband died six years ago. I grew to realize that some things are just meant to be. Maybe this is one of them.

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