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The Easter Bunny

This is my church, First Presbyterian in Charlotte. The original church that was once on this site was completed in 1823. The current church, which is technically the third on the site, was built in 1893, but the Gothic facade that you see here, is what remains of the second church, which was built during the mid-1850s. It's confusing, I know. I give tours of the church, and it's even confusing to me.

The church has more than 2,000 members and I think they were all there today. The sanctuary was packed, and the crowd spilled over into an adjoining chapel as well as a large multi-purpose room down a long corridor from the sanctuary. And that doesn't include the many thousands who watched the service on t.v.

Early in the service the senior pastor asked the children to come to the front of the church, where he proceeded to tell them the story of Easter using kid-friendly language which he is very good at--no small fete considering he is 6'-7" and super-imposing in his flowing black robes.

After his story, he said something like: "So tell me again what happened on Easter Sunday," obviously expecting them to recount the story he had just told them. But you can never anticipate what a kid will say, because one of them shouted back: "The Easter Bunny came.!" I was sitting pretty close, so I clearly heard the comment, and those sitting around me laughed. I don't know if the whole congregation heard it, but I hope they did. I wish you could have heard it, too. HAPPY EASTER.

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