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Update on the Cole Mausoleum

I told you last time that I called the cemetery vandalism hotline and talked to a very nice woman who seem genuinely interested in checking into the vandalism to the Cole Mausoleum that I had reported last week. The picture below shows how thick the glass in the window was.

I visited the mausoleum yesterday and it's nasty inside; I think someone is living there, now, or at least spending some of their time there. You see signs all over most cemeteries proclaiming: PERPETUAL CARE. I guess that just means that they keep the grass mowed. A damaged mausoleum can lead to bodies being strewn about. The vaults the bodies are placed in, aren't locked. The vaults may be sealed in some way, but they aren't locked or protected by gates.

I don't know if the Cole Family still lives in Charlotte? I don't know. The mausoleum was built in 1912, so they might not. But it doesn't matter. Their loved ones should be protected.

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